Tim Hudson’s wife reacts to gruesome injury by thanking the player who injured him (Big League Stew)

We all cringed when we saw what happened to Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson on Wednesday . In a gruesome accident, New York Mets hitter Eric Young Jr. stepped on Hudson’s ankle as they raced toward first base. Hudson’s ankle broke, an injury that will keep the 38-year-old out for the rest of the season and could put his career in jeopardy .
It was one of those horrible moments in sports when a limb bends the way it shouldn’t and we all gasp — no matter what team we’re rooting for.
But imagine you’re Tim Hudson’s wife and you see something like that unfold. It’s not just a moment to cringe. It’s much worse. It could very well be a life-changer. To her credit, though, Kim Hudson has kept it as classy as her husband is known to. On Thursday morning, she sent a tweet to Young thanking him. And no, not in a sarcastic manner.
@EYJr Thank you for playing the game the right way. You’re obviously one of the good guys. We appreciate you.
— Kim Hudson (@kimberlybhudson) July 25, 2013

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Dillon Gee tweets photo of Asiana flight 214 wreckage from Mets team plane (Big League Stew)

The New York Mets team charter landed one runway over Sunday night from the wreckage of a crashed 777 airplane, what’s left of Asiana flight 214 . Mets right-hander Dillon Gee took note and sent a tweet with a photo of the surreal scene at San Francisco International Airport:

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Matt Harvey dating supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna thanks to Twitter (Big League Stew)

Twitter has proven to be one powerful (and dangerous) tool when it comes to sharing information.
It has also proven to be a powerful tool when it comes to bringing people together.
That could mean anything from sports fans connecting from points all around of the world to family members reuniting. And, from time to time. it can even serve as a free dating service, whether those involved intended it to or not.
That’s exactly how it worked out for the 24-year-old ace of the New York Mets staff, Matt Harvey, who’s seemingly innocent tweet from two weeks ago ended up helping him land a date with supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna.
According to US Weekly , the two met briefly during the New York Rangers May 6 playoff game at Madison Square Garden and then ending up taking the same elevator ride when the game was over.
That prompted the following tweet from Harvey:
A @ nyrangers win! Riding the elevator out of the garden with the beautiful @ annev . And now bedtime, to get ready for @ mets baseball
— Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) May 7, 2013

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Mets’ playful tweet about Harvey sets off flap (The Associated Press)

NEW YORK (AP) — Just to be clear: New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey will be at Citi Field on Wednesday night, not Madison Square Garden.

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Citi Field breaks into ‘U-S-A!’ chants after Boston Marathon bombing suspect is taken into custody (Big League Stew)

It started with a single tweet from the Boston Police Department.
CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.
— Boston Police Dept. (@Boston_Police) April 19, 2013
Shortly thereafter, there was much rejoicing in the streets of Watertown, Mass. as the news of the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect being taken into custody began tricked throughout their community, the greater Boston area, and all around the United States.
That would include Citi Field in New York where the Mets were taking on the Washington Nationals in Friday night’s spotlight game — thanks to the intriguing pitching matchup of 24-year-old right-handers Stephen Strasburg and Matt Harvey. When the announcement was made on the scoreboard, the crowd diverted their attention away from the action on the field and immediately erupted into chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

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Leave the Prospect Alone!

Last month, Andy Martino of the New York Daily News brought a “feeding frenzy” to the door of newly acquired Met prospect Noah Snydergaard before the 20 year old was even formally introduced!


A tweet, posted on December 9th, which was remarking on the pair of shoes of someone Snydergaard follows, contained an euphemism usually used to describe someone trying to look a little too hip or feminine.  At the very least it was a rib on someone’s fashion sense.  The euphemism in question though is also one that is considered a derogatory word; and shorthand for a stronger word as well, towards those in the LGBT communities.  Probably a poor choice of wording for someone who is in the public eye as words such as metrosexual, douchebag, and preppy would be just as insulting towards someone’s sense of style without going into their sexual orientation.


That being said, why is this a story?  Snydergaard is a 20 year old athlete whom, most likely, was ribbing on a friend.  To say nothing about the fact that the story came out some 9 days after the Tweet was sent, and has since been removed.  Is there a pattern of Snydergaard making actual hateful remarks against those in the LGBT communities?  Other ethnicities?  Men who wear Crocs in general?  Who knows, that was a tame and innocuous Tweet.  Was it a poor choice of words as someone in the public eye?  Yes, but hardly something to label someone a bigot over.


So, what is the problem here?  Why exactly was Martino going through Snydergaard’s Twitter feed with a fine tooth comb and making it an “instant story?”  Now, if Martino comes back with ample evidence, even if its anecdotal, and from mostly anonymous sources of Snydergaard being a complete homophobe, then yes there is a story.  Not sure if its a story that needs to be told (unless it’s so overt that his behavior becomes a distraction to the clubhouse that he Is in), especially when the kid hadn’t even been introduced in a press conference yet, but nonetheless the story would have more basis to be put out there than some youthful messing around on a Twitter feed.


This isn’t the first time Martino has tried to introduce social relevancy of clashing demographics into a Met related topic.  Back in March of 2011, Martino tried to correlate racial stereotypes associated with baseball players of Latin descent into why Met fans were so vitriolic when it came to the Whipping Boy de Jour, Luis Castillo.  Never mind that Castillo himself wouldn’t take the bait in the article, but there is a pattern of trying to get smoke to appear so it seems a fire should follow.


And that comes back to the question, is this the media’s job?  Especially in the social media age where someone in the public eye has to be so careful about what he or she does or says; so Snydergaard went to a word he shouldn’t have said, big deal right?  Well, already looking at Twitter and Facebook it has been suggested that Snydergaard has been the target of “welcome to New York you bigot” type of Tweets and anger that he, again a 20 year old kid, would show the mentality of a “John Rocker” type.  Instant hatred of someone simply because of a poor choice of describing someone’s fashion sense, and bear this in mind.  One of the players the Mets traded for him, Josh Thole, quickly deactivated his Twitter account because he was getting too much hateful and disturbing Tweets.


Is this what the media is supposed to be doing?

It is doubtful Martino meant to sic the dogs on Snydergaard by going public with this non-story, but it is curious and therefore, was it necessary?  Knowing how vitriolic anonymous social media messages can be, it can, and does, turn people in the public eye off from it.  Likewise, would it shock anyone if this whole scenario turns Snydergaard off on the media in general?  So again the question is, why was this done and clearly, is this what the media is supposed to be doing?

To answer the second question, no.  This is clearly a non-news story, probably just meant to get something out.  After all, if ever single instant of that word being used in that manner was made into the news, quite frankly you’d see a lot of young athletes and entertainers in “hot water.”

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Mets prospect acquired in R.A. Dickey trade tweets anti-gay slur (Big League Stew)

Noah Syndergaard, a top pitching prospect the New York Mets acquired in a trade from the Toronto Blue Jays this week for Cy Young knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, presumably tweeted and deleted an anti-gay slur earlier this month. The questionable communique was brought to the attention of New York Daily News reporter Andy Martino , who wrote about it Tuesday:
[Syndegaard] tweets from the account @Noahsyndergaard.
On Dec. 9, this tweet appeared from that account: “@DMarze89 nice crocs f– lol”
The tweet no longer appears on the timeline for the account.
UPDATE: The kid says he’s sorry. Acceptance pending, pal.
Twenty-year-olds say reprehensible stuff all of the time — worse than that, and more mean-spirited. Heck, so do 40-year-olds. And 60-year-olds. Inside and out of baseball. For inside, look no further than former Jays player Yunel Escobar, who wrote an anti-gay slur on his eye black this past season. That kind of language in the major leagues probably won’t change ever, at least not for generations.
Yes, it would be nice, going forward, if the Mets could train Syndergaard to think twice before using such potentially hurtful words. But that’s secondary. What really must come of this is the wisdom to not say anything like that on Twitter, or anywhere the public might hear you and turn it into a thing.

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