Six Sensational Gift Ideas for a Baseball Fan or Player

#1 – Season Tickets

Baseball fans aren’t known for their tears, except for maybe Red Sox fans recalling the last game of the 1986 World Series.  Still, most avid baseball fanatics would be reduced to nothing less upon receiving season tickets to the team of their choice.  Of course, if you want to give a wonderful gift to your personal enemy, you could always give him season tickets to the rival of his favorite team, though you may feel too bad as a baseball fan yourself to ever do such a thing.

#2 – High-end Equipment

Sure, your everyday baseball bats, gloves, and balls are certainly going to get the job done.  However, there is a huge difference between generic baseball equipment brands and those that are renowned for their history and quality.  Like presenting a Louisville Slugger to a ten year-old, you’ll want to go for the big names to really make a lasting impression.

#3 – Luxury Baseball Gear

Any baseball player will remark about how difficult it can be to get his typical baseball uniform clean again after sliding into second base.  However, he won’t mind cleaning a luxury baseball uniform again and again if it’s top-of-the-line quality.  So pick him up a set of pinstripes, high socks, baseball cleats, and more, and make him proud to wear that outfit every time he hits the field or plate.

#4 – Rainbow Hat Collection

You’ve probably seen those kids running around with Yankees caps in all different colors, and though they’re the most common, every team has a variety of cap colors available.  If the baseball fan or player in your life is someone who also values his personal style, consider presenting him with baseball caps for the team of his choice in a variety of colors.  That way, he can mix and match his outfit any way he likes, and still have a cap that goes well with his choices.

#5 – Personal Pitching Machine

Training for the start of the new season can be tricky, but it will be decidedly less so if one has his own personal pitching machine to use.  He can set it up in the backyard or anywhere else there is plenty of open space, and can practice on his own whim.  He’ll save plenty of time driving back and forth to the batting cages this way, and he also won’t have to scrounge around for spare quarters he can use to plunge into the nearest paid pitching machine just to get back in his baseball grove in time.

#6 – Signed Memorabilia

Just imagine for a second having Babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson’s signature on a piece of memorabilia.  Yeah, that’s right; it’s an awesome thought to consider.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on a rare baseball card or a spare sock.  Whatever the signature’s on, it’s going to be worth having and displaying, and will make any baseball fan or player happy until his next birthday or when the holidays come around again.

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