The New Mets Are Here

Back in 2005, Carlos Beltran, coined the phrase “The New Mets” and it stuck for a little bit, especially in 2006 after the team was one swing away from the World Series.

But eventually “The New Mets” became the old Mets again with their embarrassing and losing ways, even bodog sportsbook agreed.

But with the arrivals of Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, things just might be changing. And even the players of the old Mets learned that last season when Harvey was a rookie.

Reliever ┬áJon Rauch – all six-foot and 11 inches and tatted up like a prison biker decided to play a prank of then rookie Harvey when he tried to take a nap, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo!

Rauch, according to people who saw the incident, barged into the room with bucket of ice water, which he proceeded to dump on Harvey,” Passan wrote.” It waterlogged Harvey’s phone, which was resting on his chest as an alarm, and incited an even more electrical reaction inside Harvey.

“He bounded up and challenged Rauch to a fight. Right there. Right then. He gave up 7 inches, about 75 pounds and a gallon or so of bad ink. It didn’t matter that he was a rookie. Harvey would not be a joke. He would not be a punch line in Rauch’s re-telling. He would not let some mediocre clown play him”

Rauch is now a Marlin and Harvey may be starting the All-Star Game next month, so we know who won that fight.

And after yesterday, the Mets and their fans have glimpses into the future with Harvey and Wheeler after both of their masterful performances, with Harvey flirting with a no-hitter into the seventh and Wheeling getting his first Major League win.

I really paid attention to Harvey’s game because he’s a hard thrower like me,” said Wheeler. “I went into it knowing I’m good enough to be up here.”

And Harvey is equally intrigued about Wheeler.

“Everybody’s excited about Zack and the future,” Harvey said, “but we’ve got 100 games to go here. We’re trying to bounce back and win as many games as we can and that starts with my focus and my approach. I’ve got to keep my head down and keep going.”

So before you go and visit, now mark at least two day a week the Mets are very watchable.

The New Mets are here.


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