The Song Remains the Same in Queens

The faces have changed but the story is still the same.

It’s no longer the Omar and Jerry Show, but the Sandy and Terry Hour, yet it plays out with the same results and the jokes are falling just as flat.

Not to mention the punch line that’s still shines right on the fans.

Yes, hope and change has turned into more of the same at Citi Field with the continual news of Ike Davis’s incredibly hurting ankle. After being examined today, it’s just not getting better, and now he may have to miss the season if the next three weeks show no improvement.

“We’re hopeful that over the next three weeks he will progress to running,” general manager Sandy Alderson said. “If that is not successful, then there may be some consideration about doing some surgery on the ankle. Right now I don’t see him coming back anytime soon. … Basically over the next three weeks he’ll progress to hopefully running. And if he can’t tolerate the running, then we go to Plan B.”

No one wants to see Plan B, as it means the Mets will lose their best power threat in the lineup until 2012, ultimately crippling any hope of a Met Wild Card this year.

All of this comes on the heels of Jose Reyes not wanted to negotiate a new contract until the season is over, almost assuredly allowing him to test the free agent market.

It’s just another day at the ballpark for these New York Mets who now should expect the worst and be surprised when something better happens. It makes you wonder if Fred Wilpon made some sort of Faustian deal with the devil for the 1986 World Series and now the franchise if paying the price.

Think about it. Almost exactly 20 years after the ball went through Buckner’s legs, Carlos Beltran looked at strike three and it went all downhill from there.

Two collapses, botched firings, mishandled injuries, K-Rod punching out an old man and let’s not forget a man named Bernie Madoff. It’s just been a litany of bad news. Heck, Billy Joel can write an updated version of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” with everything that happened in Queens.

Just when it seemed like the Mets turned the corner with the hiring of Alderson and Terry Collins, it just continues on and on. It doesn’t matter if Alderson is uber-capable, on days like today, he sounds like Omar Minaya, albeit in a fluent, lower key tone and Collins can be as fiery as Earl Weaver. With his best players on the shelf, he’s going to have as much success as Jerry Manuel.

That’s why it’s hard to buy into these Mets. No matter how much good will they inject, the other shoe is there ready to drop…

…And drop and drop.

Tomorrow, David Wright’s injured back is scheduled to be checked. Is there anyone out there expecting it to be healed? With the way things are going, you may expect another break to mysteriously show up.

And Alderson will be there delivering the news, with the same disappointment in his voice Minaya had before him.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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This post was written by Joe McDonald on June 22, 2011

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Spring Cleaning

It is not even  10 percent into the 2011 season and it is already time to clean house.

It really never was a matter of if, but always a matter of when. You can change a number of things, but unless you change almost all of them you can’t change a losing atmosphere. It becomes like that movie the Blob. It engulfs everything, seeps into the air vents and fills every orifice. It can only be exorcised by freezing   or burning or blowing up  the whole damn thing.

They say even a losing playoff appearance often serves to give a young team experience and make  them stronger for the next year. In most cases that is true, and looked to be true for the  post 2006 Mets until epic collapses in 2007 and 2008 erased that and injected an already “loser” tagged franchise with the dreaded “choker” tag. In the same way playoff experience is supposed to help, an epic collapse can destroy a franchise  – for  years. Back to back collapses seals it in cement. Together, the core of this team can never get past it. Not in this lifetime. Not with basically 50 years of  losing  hanging over their  heads. Could anyone have ever expected the Cubs to overcome Bartman?? Was never going to happen and  everyone knew it.

Do we have to endure another  3 or 4  months of “we  were in every game”, “we battled”, or some  other form of incessant babbling like nobody realizes  losing by one run is actually  the same as losing by 10 runs in the standings,  If standings  are what  we really care  about. If what we actually care about is blowing smoke, then keep the atta boys coming.

If blowing the whole thing up and going in a different direction is the chosen path, then do it sooner rather  than later. It is what it is. Let’s stop sugar coating it and try to cash in. Let’s stop bringing back Chris Carters in trades.  Let’s start trying to maximize trades. Thank Depodesta for his efforts and then have him Fedex Eamus  back to Toronto,  with a  prepaid postage shipping label. Fire Warthen.

Bury Hairston and Harris on the bench where they belong. Then start dealing before it is too late.

Turn the tables on all the ½ year rental whiners. This gives potential trade partners a full, solid year of the player, on top of the  chance to resign them. This increases the value of a KROD, Reyes and Beltran even more so than trading them last year, as all were injured unknown quantities last year.

One of  the resident geniuses, Stark or Rubin was writing how valuable a few months of Fielder  would be to an AL team.  BECAUSE  he didn’t have to  be resigned. When it is a Met he has no value because his contract is up. When it is  a Met he has no value because he  is locked up for the next few years. Or has an option. When it is another player  in the league he HAS tremendous value BECAUSE  he is locked up for the next few years OR because he  has an option. Is anybody  else tired of  hearing  the same nonsense from the  same people  over  and  over and over.

Put the offers on the table and they will come.

KROD and PARNELL to Chisox for Sale and Beckham

BELTRAN and PAGAN to Boston for Bard and Ellsbury

WRIGHT to Philly for Hamels and Dominic Brown

REYES to SFN for Cain and …


That leaves nobody left from collapsing teams except Santana and he won’t have anyone to commiserate with if and when he  ever comes back. Still leaves the  likes of Bay, Niese and a cast of thousands of junk ball relief pitchers and/or not so  blue chip  prospects  we could try and package or use as filler. Try it. We might like it.

These trades are real doable trades and could possibly  net much more getting a few teams into bidding wars. It just has  to be done  right now, not in drips and drabs in June or September when you get nothing back.

Finally, was  a bit taken back trying to read a story from this JOE JANISCH – A BLOG GUY. He proceeded to rip  off  the entire first paragraph of our The MORE THINGS CHANGE  WITH NO  MENTION OF THE PREVIOUS ARTICLE FROM 2 WEEKS  EARLIER??

Thing s indeed  are rapidly falling apart.  Make the moves I am suggesting and make them all and make them now and the season will be saved. People will come to see Hamels, Cain, Bard and Sale pitch.They will pay to see Mejia develop iin the MLB rotation. They will salivate seeing Harvey and Holt continue to develop with Flores , Valdespin and all the OF prospects.

The Mets did show  that even if they could  turn this around with the players they got they may get to 75 wins and I am stretching. No need to go through the agony of the past few weeks 3 or 5 more times just to get there.

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