2-time All-Star Melvin Mora retires, was nearly 40 (AP)

Two-time All-Star Melvin Mora is retiring from baseball, five weeks shy of his 40th birthday. Mora played 13 seasons in the big leagues, 10 of them with the Baltimore Orioles. He began last year with the Arizona Diamondbacks, was released on July 1 while hitting .228 with no home runs and did not play again in the majors.

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Best of Big League Stew 2011: A big, bright shining season (Yahoo! Sports)

Hey-0! Here’s Arlington’s very own version of Statler and Waldorf donned shades as part of a record-breaking crowd at Rangers Ballpark last summer. If you use a little poetic license, though, they’re also looking at the 2011 baseball season as … Continue reading →

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Five Remaining Free Agent Pitchers the NY Mets Should Consider Signing: Fan’s Take (Yahoo! Contributor Network)

The New York Mets bolstered their bullpen at the 2011 Winter Meetings with the additions of hard-throwing relievers Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch and Ramon Ramirez. Now the bullpen should be able to protect leads, if the starting rotation can give them any next season, that is.

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Five Things We Learned About the New York Mets in 2011: Fan’s Take (Yahoo! Contributor Network)

In baseball, there’s always next year. Unfortunately, New York Mets fans can expect next year to look the same as last year. Here are five things we learned about the Mets in 2011. 5. The Mets Are Not Good: Let’s start with the obvious.

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The Mets aren’t fans of R.A. Dickey’s mountain climbing plans (Yahoo! Sports)

New York Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey is planning to scale Mount Kilimanjaro next month and the sight of him training in an oxygen-deprivation mask is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Well, not everyone’s. As the 37-year-old knuckleballer … Continue reading →

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Catching Up on Holiday Season Embarrass-Mets: A Fan’s Lament (Yahoo! Contributor Network)

It was recently brought to my attention that the New York Mets, in the process of eagerly pursuing minority owners to ease some of the financial crisis at Citifield, have offered some intriguing, well, let’s call them perks.

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Hamilton, Ichiro could spice up 2012-13 hot stove (Yahoo! Sports)

Proven outfielders and 20-something arms will give the 2012-13 free-agent class depth that this year’s star-heavy market lacks.

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Buy a Piece of the New York Mets: A Diehard Fan’s Opinion (Yahoo! Contributor Network)

Do you have $20 million in the bank and are not sure how to spend it? Better yet, do you have a special someone who is impossible to buy a gift for? Are they a fan of the New York Mets? Whatever the case is, look no further. The Mets have announced a way for you to part with you…

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Red Sox manager Valentine names Bogar bench coach (Yahoo! Sports)

Bob McClure will be the pitching coach and Tim Bogar will serve as bench coach for the Boston Red Sox as manager Bobby Valentine cements his staff for the coming season. The team also announced Friday that Alex Ochoa will be the team’s first base coach, while Jerry Royster will…

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Mets Stand Pat, and Move Further Behind: A Fan’s Lament (Yahoo! Contributor Network)

It’s one thing to employ a strategy with intentions to rebuild, and quite another to languish so far behind your competitors, a land telescope is needed to keep them in view. Frustratingly, that’s where the New York Mets stand at the moment.

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