Bye-Bye Ollie

Te Mets really need to dump Oliver Perez. Either he really believes he’s better served in the Majors or he doesn’t want to lose the privileges that come with being a big leaguer.

But he is hurting the team so something needs to be done soon.

I will have more on this on NY Sports Day later.

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Mets To Wear NY Cubans Jersey Tonight

The Mets will wear the NY Cubans jersey tonight as part of the Negro League Night in Milwaukee. They have worn it before, back in 2002 and a few times since.

Tonight’s matchup pits Fernando Nieve (1-2, 5.09 ERA)  against Manny Parra (1-3, 3.54 ERA). Game time is at 7:10 EDT.

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Video: Just to Make You Smile

This may make you smile after the tough 2-0 loss to Milwaukee. Jim Caple’s review of Citi Field.

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The Road Woes Continue

The Mets are now 6-15 on the road this year and another wasted opportunity by Johan Santana in Milwaukee. Today, Jon Wagner wrote about this on NY Sports Day, which talks about the teams changes this season.

Feel free to read and comment.

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In Game Blog – Mets at Brewers

- First Pitch: 8:10

- Reyes flies out to Hart

- Cora with a seeing eye single to right

- Bay  ends  inning

- Bottom of First: Johan’s first pitch 8:19

- K On Weeks

- Former Met Carlos Gomez flies out to Wright

- Fielder Walks

- Braun flies out to Francoeur to end the inning

- Top of second: Ike Davis strikes out

- Mets Go in Order

- Bottom of Second: McGahee with a double to lead off inning

- Hart k’s

-  Escobar pops to second base

- Inning Over no runs across

- Top third: Barajas with leadoff hit

- Francoeur with a seeing eye single, Barajas goes to third. First and Third no one out.

- Santana beats out a bunt. Bases loaded no one out.

- Reyes grounds out. Fielder comes home for the out. One away.

- Cora DP ball to end the inning.

- Bottom Third: Outside of a single by Fielder, the Brewers go quietly.

- Top Fourth: Mets down 123 still no score.

- Bottom Fourth: a Beautiful play by Wright to end a 1-2-3 Inning.

- Top Fifth: Mets go in order. Still no score.

- Bottom Fifth: Now at 32 connectutive scoreless innings and counting.

- Top Sixth: Reyes with a one-out double.

- Goes for naught as Cora and Bay make out.

- Santana 123 again no score going to the seventh.

- In thr eighth, still scoreless. Reyes with a backwards K with Santana on second.

- In the ninth, Cora grounds out.

- Bay with a one out hit.

- Wright on Bay to second.

- Scoreless going to the bottom of the ninth.

- Santana out. Feliciano gets Fielder. Braun with an IF hit.

-McGehee pops out with Iggy on the mound.

- And Hart wins it with a 2-run homer in the ninth.

More later…..

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Lineups for Tonight

Mets lineup: 
Reyes ss.
Cora 2b.
Bay lf.
Davis 1b.
Wright 3b.
Pagan cf.
Barajas c.
Francoeur rf.
Santana p

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NYSD: Get Zito

I wrote this post today saying the Mets should try to get Barry Zito this season:

The Mets need a pitcher and maybe this is a way to way to get one without giving up prospects.

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To Compete The Mets Will Need To Get Creative

What a great week for the New York Mets. After taking Round 1 of the Subway Series, the Mets totally dismantled the Philadelphia Phillies, so much so you have to wonder if they were stealing the wrong team’s signs.

And now, this five game winning streak has put the Mets back in play. They are now two games out of first on a five game winning streak, winning six of their last seven games.

The offence played perfectly to the fury of Citi Field, manufacturing runs while getting the occasional long ball, while the pitching has been sparkling.

Besides ace No. 1 Johan Santana and ace No. 2 Mike Pelfrey, the rotation has been revamped with R.A. Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi filling in nicely for the ousted John Maine and Oliver Perez. Yet, both of those pitcher are 35 and you have to wonder how long it will take for the league to figure out the knuckleballer and control pitching lefthander.

That’s why the Mets need another arm for the rotation. Although Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee will be available over the next two months, the Mets have to show restraint and not give up too much for either player.

Oswalt requested a trade from owner Drayton McClane; he is signed through next year, due to make $16 million in 2011 with a $16 million club option 2012 (or a $2 million buyout or an opt-out with a reduced buyout). Because a team will control the right-hander, McClane, along with Astros general manager Ed Wade will ask for a king’s ransom for their ace pitcher. Expect any Met trade to begin with the name Jenrry Mejia and move down from there.

With Lee, the Mets will look at a two to three month rental, as he will be a free agent after this season. Making $9 million this season, Lee will demand a very large contract during the off-season and by virtue of  being the biggest name on the market, the Mets will have to pay up for the 2008 American League Cy Young Winner.

But Seattle general manager Jack Zduriencik will still ask for the Mets top prospects in return. Remember, this is not the off-season and the Mets can’t wait it out, hoping Lee will fall into their laps with B-Level prospects. Seattle will ask for prospects like Fernando Martinez and Mejia, which may be too rich for the Mets blood.

Rather, the Mets should look for creative ways to fill out the rotation, by taking a chance on a bad contract and hoping a change of scenery will do someone well.

General manager Omar Minaya may look to San Francisco to see if the Giants will be willing to take Perez and Luis Castillo off his hands for Barry Zito, who signed one of the worst contacts in Major League history before the 2007 season. The flaky lefthander has been a total disappointment for the Giants since inking the deal and the still $76 million owed to Zito will hamstring San Francisco over the next few seasons when they try to sign Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain to long term deals.

Lincecum is signed through 2011, but will command almost $20 million in arbitration for 2012, while Cain will make $15.33 million during that year. Along with Zito’s $19 million, the Giants will be on the hook for $55 million for just three starters. Since San Francisco likes to keep its payroll under $100 million, it will be tough for the Giants to compete.

So moving Zito will make some sense. With Castillo and Perez, this season and next will be a wash for both clubs. Perez may be able to re-find his form in AT&T Park, with its vast left field, while Castillo will fight for playing time with Freddy Sanchez (assuming he won’t be traded).

The Mets will get Zito, an enigmatic pitcher, who has a tremendous amount of talent. Behind Santana and Pelfrey, Zito will fit into the No. 3 slot. A fly ball pitcher, the 32 year-old could find new life in the vast canyons of Citi Field.

He had a hot start this April, going 4-0 with a 1.53 ERA, but cooled down in May, going 2-2 with a 4.50 ERA. The lefthander did make changes in his delivery and sometimes a different coaching staff can fix what has been ailing the flaky lefty.

Of course, there’s the small matter of the $57 million Zito is owed from 2012 to 2014, if the Mets plan on buying him out of his option, so the Giants may have to send some money back – say $20 million – to even out this deal.

The window is closing on these Mets as many of the “core” players will be free agents after 2011. With Carlos Beltran, Francisco Rodriguez, and even Jose Reyes free agents after next year, it may be a very different Met team in 2012. If the Mets can fill some of their holes with cheaper options, then Zito’s reduced contract is something the team can deal with.

Now, Zito also has a full no-trade clause, but a trade to New York may intrigue Zito, who is known to love the big city. If all parties agree, it may be just a small hurdle to overcome.

The fact is the Mets will need to do something, but emptying the fragile farm system should not be an option. To compete the team will have to get creative.

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Jekyll & Hyde Mets Need to Overcome Road Block to Reach Playoffs

It took about one and one-third seasons, but the New York Mets have finally built a dominant home field advantage in their new home park.

In fact, the Mets are better at home than any team in the major leagues through the first two months of the season.

After a tough 2-6 road trip that began with the Florida Marlins sweeping a four-game series from New York, the Mets returned to Citi Field, where they had already compiled a very solid 14-8 record.

Would the Amazin’s previous home success wane during a six-game homestand against each of last year’s World Series participants?

Hardly. Despite losing the opening game on Friday night, the Mets rebounded to win the final five games of the homestand in impressive fashion, taking two of three games from the New York Yankees before an historic three-game sweep of the defending two-time National League champion Philadelphia Phillies.

New York creeped back above the .500 mark at 25-23 and moved to within just two games of the first-place Phillies (26-20) in the National League East.

That in itself is significant, but what was especially remarkable against Philadelphia, was the Mets’ pitching, which shut the Phillies out for the entire series, winning 8-0, 5-0, and 3-0 against one of the more talented and dangerous lineups in the major leagues.

It marked the first time since 2004 that a major league team shut out another over a full three-game set (when current Mets’ pitcher Johan Santana helped Minnesota do that against Kansas City); it was also the first time the Mets threw consecutive shutouts since 1988; and, it was the Mets’ first three-game series shutout over an opponent since New York blanked Philadelphia September 26-28, 1969.

While repeating history more than four decades later, the Mets improved to a major-league best 19-9 at Citi Field.

The problem is that while the Mets lead the majors in home victories, they are last in road wins, with a paltry 6-14 road record.

The dominant starting pitching, able relief help, and timely hitting that the Mets have been getting at home has been much more inconsistent away from the friendly confines of Queens.

While the Mets’ home crowds were fairly sparse and relatively subdued earlier in the year, attendance and the fans’ energy both picked up during the most recent homestand.

Mets’ starter Mike Pelfrey, who has surprisingly become the Mets’ ace after improving his season record to 7-1 while lowering his ERA to 2.54 as the winning pitcher to start off and conclude the Mets’ five-game win streak on the homestand, said after Thursday night’s win over the Phillies, that feeding off of the energy of the home crowd has helped the Mets. “We definitely sense [the energy from the fans], and we feel them.”

Shortstop and offensive catalyst at the top of the Mets’ lineup, Jose Reyes, who went 12-for-23 while scoring five runs and driving in three during the five-game win streak, agreed that the Mets seemed to get up for beating the their hometown and divisional rivals in front of their home crowd.

But, when asked by reporters why the Mets have failed to carry over the same level of play away from home, both Pelfrey and Reyes were left puzzled and without answers. They were simply hopeful that New York could continue to play as well in other parks as they have at Citi Field this season.

The Mets don’t actually need to play nearly that well on the road, but they certainly can’t be the polar opposites they’ve been at home versus on the road so far this season.

While it seems that the Mets’ pitchers have finally learned to use the spacious Citi Field to their advantage, they’ll need to perform much better in smaller parks on the road. And, if it’s the home crowd of late which has helped the Mets’ bats come through, New York’s hitters will have to pack some of those clutch hits with them on most of the Mets’ remaining road trips.

As Mets’ rightfielder Jeff Fancoeur said after Thursday night’s win, the Mets have to find a way to at least play close to .500 on the road.

The good news for New York is that it seems as though Citi Field might for the most part this year remain a place that Mets’ opponents will want to stay away from. Yet, those same teams are for now, more than happy to invite the Mets to their places.

Thus, for the time being, it appears that any possible road to the postseason for the Mets will go literally through… the road.   

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Audio: Mets Complete Blank Sweep

Bob Trainor of Trainor Communications offers these soundbites from yesterday’s complete dismantling of the Phillies at Citi Field

Jose Reyes

Mike Pelfrey

Jeff Francoeur

Charlie Manuel

Cole Hamels

For More Info contact Bob at

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